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Whether shoppers are in-store or online, retailers must find new ways to connect.

— Mike Templeton, Aisleside

Is Your Retail Marketing Ready for a Digitized World?

I’ve spent the last ten years building digital programs for brands, but the challenge hasn’t changed: retailers and manufacturers must constantly innovate their approach to connecting with consumers in order to remain relevant in an always-changing marketplace.

Even if you’re seeing customers come through your doors today, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be back tomorrow. You may be satisfying a need for someone that’s in a hurry and has nowhere else to shop, but what happens when that person gets a better suggestion from their phone for a different store just around the corner?

More than 91% of retail transactions happen in-store, but 64% of in-store retail sales are influenced by digital.

Transition Your Approach with Expert Guidance

I've put my decade of experience to work deciphering new technologies for the benefit of marketers, manufacturers, and retailers of all sizes.

I've been in top-to-top meetings with senior execs and understand what it takes to make products move – as well as what CPGs expect from collaborations with retailers to activate their brands.

The products being sold by retailers today have not changed much, but what it takes to reach consumers with news about these products has changed entirely.

If you’ve been tasked with transforming your traditional marketing approach to one best equipped to help you succeed in today’s digital world, you need a partner who’s done it before. And Aisleside is your answer.

Putting together a smart approach to digital marketing is a necessity for retailers.

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