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Welcome to my first post on Aisleside, a place where I’ll be sharing insights on shopper engagement and marketing technology – all from the perspective of the retail marketer.

I love retail

When it comes right down to it, I love retail. I may not be the world’s most prolific shopper, but I love everything that goes into it. From the layout and the fixtures inside the store to the people, products, and brands that make it all come together, there’s nothing else quite like a retail experience.

If you saw me out shopping, I’d be the geek inspecting merchandising displays and snapping photos of new product packaging with my phone. That’s how bad it is.

All (in-store) retail, all the time

The world doesn’t need one more blog about marketing, or even digital marketing for that matter. There are plenty of great options, including resources for internet retailers and online merchants too — but those don’t serve you, the in-store marketer.

What’s missing from the more than 180 million blogs on the internet is a practical resource on digital marketing made for in-store marketers — a place you can turn to for the latest on how social media, location-based services, and mobile devices are impacting the path to purchase.

Aisleside is on your side

Today’s connected consumer knows exactly what they want and they want it on their terms. If we’re going to figure out this new world of retail, we’ve got to be in this together — manufacturers, brands, retailers, vendors, and suppliers — all focused on the customer and how we can make their life easier.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey — we’ve got a lot of things on our shopping list.

Now it’s your turn

Is there a particular topic you’d like to learn more about? How can I help you with the challenges you face in your job? Add your comment below.

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