Don’t Overcomplicate Your Opportunity

When it comes down to it, marketing to customers in retail is very simple: Get their attention, build a connection, and drive a transaction.

What would things be like if you stripped away all your other distractions and only focused on these three things? And that doesn’t mean ten ways to generate attention, twelve different platforms where you’ll try to build connections, and three disconnected ways you’ll ask people to buy.

Today we all get distracted by the latest and greatest thing. To some degree it’s in our nature. It’s also how society has trained us. But don’t let those distractions distract you from being a good marketer.

The brands that are finding success in today’s digital world are those who are staying focused and keeping it simple. It makes marketing programs easier to operate, it makes things more convenient for your customer, and it makes it easier for people to buy.

Many companies get caught up in building mazes for their customers to navigate, only caring about whether or not the customer is doing everything the company wants. But that’s not what your customers want. They just want to go about their day, and to enjoy however your brand fits into the opportunities that arise.

Don’t make things complicated.

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