The Exclusive Relationship Between Mobile and Email

When’s the last time you looked at one of your own marketing emails on a mobile device? If it’s been a while, now’s the time to take a look.

Email marketers have been hearing about the impact of mobile devices for some time now, but the statistics have finally reached a tipping point: more emails are opened on mobile devices than on desktop computers – 55% versus 45% says a recent report from Yesmail.

And that’s not all.

Half of consumers open emails exclusively on mobile

The same report from Yesmail (surveyed in the last quarter of 2013) also cited that 50% of consumers opened emails exclusively on a mobile device – and that was a 10% increase over the previous quarter.

But what about the shopper that has a laptop and a smartphone? Surely people are still reading emails in both places, right? The evidence actually says no.

Hybrid email viewership—as in, reading messages on a mobile device and computer interchangeably—is headed on a downward slope…dropping a striking 72% in only six months.

Yesmail’s Email Marketing Compass

Retail industry emails top mobile-only viewership

Looking at Yesmail’s numbers for mobile-only, desktop-only, and hybrid email viewership, retail edges out all other industries in mobile-only viewership.

  • 55% read retail emails on mobile only
  • 36% read retail emails on a desktop only
  • 9% read retail emails on both devices interchangeably (hybrid)

Although these numbers strongly support the case for mobile-optimized emails, you do still have about a third of people reading exclusively on desktop.

The key to keeping your customers engaged will be striking the right balance with your email template design.

If you haven’t already, start optimizing for mobile

If you’re not designing for mobile today or just aren’t sure, talk with the team managing your email program or contact your email service provider (ESP) – either of them should be able to help get you the answers you’re looking for.

And now over to you: are you a mobile-only, desktop-only, or hybrid email reader?


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