Shoppers Add Retail to Road Trips with Google Maps

Express Lane: Google Maps app and multi-stop trip functionality
  • Google adds ability for multi-stop trips to Google Maps app on iOS,  Android
  • Users enter a destination and as many additional stops as they’d like
  • The app will seamlessly route users from place to place in navigation mode

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Finding your way to a nearby store isn’t something you typically need to pull out your smartphone for, right? But in the event that consumers can’t manage on their own, a new feature from Google Maps called “multi-stop” makes navigating that much easier.

Consumers using Google Maps on iOS or Android start a multi-stop trip like any other search – with the end in mind. Once a consumer has their destination set, they can quickly tap to add additional stops along the way.

Stops along a route can be easily moved, rearranged, or deleted. Users tap “Done” when they’re ready to head out and Google will generate their trip path. From there navigation commands take over and will move the user seamlessly between each stop on the list.

Aisleside insight: If maintaining local listings for your retail locations in search wasn’t a priority for you before, this new feature in Google Maps further underscores its importance. When your customers are searching for your store and you don’t show up, you’re literally (and effectively) off the map as far as they’re concerned.

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